Terms and conditions

I. General terms

Please, read carefully the GENERAL TERMS for selling goods through our internet site, before completing the order. The site (online store) is owned by Global Brands Distribution LTD, later stated as “THE SITE”. "Global Brands Distribution” Ltd is а company, registered by the Bulgarian Trade law with EIK (BG) 200176203, address: Sofia, South Park, building 122. With the following general terms are defined the relationships between the supplier - Global Brands Distribution Ltd. and consumers - buyers of goods offered online, the purchase by means of distance communication without physical contact between the parties. THE SITE gives an opportunity for a fast and easy purchase of the selected items by the client, which will be delivered at the provided address.

In case, you do not agree with the GENERAL TERMS, please do not use THE SITE for buying goods. The supplier keeps the rights to change the current GENERAL TERMS at any time. The changed GENERAL TERMS are effective immediately and are duty-bound for THE USER from the moment they are published on THE SITE.

Using the services of THE SITE may be made solely for personal and non-commercial purposes. Using the services for any other purpose, shall not be binding on the supplier, nor the consequences of it.

II. Copyrights

The content of THE SITE – information, data, resources, services, text, pictures, and graphs- is property of Global Brands Distribution LTD. and/or its partners and supplier, and it is copyright. Nothing of this SITE can be reproduced or used in any form of media without the explicit written agreement of Global Brands Distribution LTD and/or its suppliers and partners. Any unauthorized use of the content will be interpreted as a breach of the Copyright and Related Rights Law on Marks and Geographical Indications Act and other applicable laws. The news on this site is intended for your personal information. Their use beyond this point as a publication, reproduction, any form of commercial use, and forwarding to third parties in full, partial or processed form without the knowledge and approval of Global Brands Distribution Ltd. is illegal

III. Goods

THE SITE offers to users the ability to perform on-line purchase of goods specified therein. THE SITE provides a wide selection of products from leading brands with detailed descriptions and photos. Goods, offered for sale through THE SITE, are an original product of the brand stated. Goods have general characteristics of the goods’ type to which they belong, according to their ordinary purpose. In the event, that an item has a particular or a special feature, it is indicated explicitly in its presentation.

There is a possibility for a difference in colures of the goods shown on the picture and the actual one of the product. If such a difference exists, it is not on purpose, but rather due to the process of reproduction. Due to the same reason, there can be details that are hard to find or detect on the pictures. The price of the item is shown on its presentation with tax included. The price of the item does not include shipping cost.

IV. Confidentiality

Global Brands Distribution LTD is an administrator of personal data, registered by the law of personal data protection. The provider guarantees the safety of the information, containing personal data, provided by the clients when registered on the site. Giving this information is possible only in the cases when the it is requested from authorised personnel. The information can be disclosed only to government officials, entitled by law to request and collect information regarding personal data. The provider can use the collected data from THE SITE for internal statistics and marketing purposes. With the acceptance of the terms and conditions, the client agrees with the processing of his personal data. With the use of THE SITE, THE CLIENT agrees with the use of “cookies” by us, which will gives us an opportunity to provide the best services. THE CLIENT has the right to disagree with the processing of his personal data for our marketing purposes, by sending a letter to Global Brands Distribution LTD. to the address or email stated. Global Brands Distribution LTD. does not have access to card and authentication details. This information is carried on only by your bank.

V. Limited liabilities

Global Brands Distribution LTD. does everything in its power to keep accurate, up to date and correct information on THE SITE, which does not exclude situations in which there, can be some missing information and discrepancies. Global Brands Distribution Ltd. is not responsible for the consequences, including any damages arising from or connected in any way to access, use or inability to use THE SITE. Global Brands Distribution Ltd. is not responsible for the information (including its completeness and accuracy) contained in other websites to which this site contains links.

VI. Contract terms – registration

In order to shop from THE SITE, you will need to register. When registering an account, by using an email, you will save time to enter your information every time you shop. Furthermore, you will receive additional privileges, such as first receiving information regarding special offers, sales, and new collections. Once you are registered, you can update your information at “My profile”. You can change the delivery address either there or during check out.

THE SITE gives you an opportunity to register as a company, while registering you will enter all company’s information needed for the issuing of an invoice.

The provider is a registrant under the Act for Protection of Personal Data, ensuring that personal data submitted at the conclusion of the contract will not be used for purposes other than the purpose of providing them. In terms to obtain the right to make valid purchases of goods available on THE SITE, the User must: fill out correctly the on-line registration form on THE SITE. The user is obligated to give correct and full information regarding his identity and other requested data, as well as to update them in a 7 day period, when changed. THE USER guarantees that the provided data is correct, accurate and will update it when changes are made. THE PROVIDER is not liable for any incorrect information provided by THE USER, thus has the right not to execute the contract without any notice. Before completing the order, THE USER can correct the registration information at any time

VII. Entering into and execution of the contract

By pressing the “I Agree with General Terms and Conditions” button on the website, is considered that you accept and agree the current general terms. The order cannot be completed without accepting the terms and conditions. You can order the chosen products by adding them to the basket and press the button “Order”. At the order page, please fill out your data: Name, address for delivery, telephone, and email address; Company’s information regarding issuing an invoice Chose a payment method After all the above has been completed, send the order and we will contact you for a confirmation. When pressing the button “ORDER”, it is considered that an order has been made and a contract for buying the selected items has been entered. The returned message from the provider regarding the confirmation has only an informative character.

ATTENTION! If you have not received a confirmation massage regarding the order, this means that it has not been received and thus processed for execution. In this case, you need to contact the administrator of the site by email or telephone stated at CONTACTS. Orders are being processed during week days (Monday – Friday) from 9:00 to 18:00. All orders, received after that time will be processed on the next working day. After processing, check and proof of order, you will receive a new message, which will confirm the availability of the items and will be ready for shipping.

All orders received till 18:00 will be processed till 18:00 on the following working day. The execution of the order (contract) will be within the next two days after customer’s confirmation. The delivery will be executed as stated in DELIVERY, but no later than 30 days